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Filippelli Institute for e-Education and Online Learning

Course Development Forms (Payment for Course Development)

When a faculty member begins to design (or revise) a course, they will be asked to review and sign a course development form. These forms detail the basic information about a course and include:

  • What course is being designed/revised
  • What department that course belongs to
  • The first anticipated semester for said course

These forms also contain important financial information such as:

  • The anticipated compensation for the faculty member
  • The budget (cost center) for that compensation,
  • The workload status of the work to be done.

Faculty members are told during the kickoff meeting that payment is due only after a course is complete and all parties (Course Author, Instructional Designer, Department Head, and Director of the Filippelli Institute) have signed off on the completion of the course. Department Heads may choose to not withhold payment until after a course is complete, but the Filippelli Institute strongly advises against this and will not take responsibility if courses fall behind schedule after an early payment is made. 

Following the completion of a course, the Filippelli Institute will pass the completed course development form on to the departmental administrative contact. If this individual changes, please let our staff know as soon as possible to prevent delays in payments. Departments issue payments to their instructors using the budget (cost center) information provided on the form. The Filippelli Institute does not initiate payments through WorkDay. MPSs for SUPP payments may be passed on to Morgan Sugg to be signed by Avis Kunz. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Morgan Sugg or Tracy Wallace.

Instructor Pay Forms (Revenue)

Along with the development, scheduling, and support of Liberal Arts Online Classes, the Filippelli Institute tracks revenue from online classes to ensure a robust and profitable portfolio. Following the end of a semester, the Filippelli Institute will ask for your department’s instructor pay information using an Instructor Pay Form, currently housed in Microsoft Teams. Please fill these out as soon as you are able and reach out should you have any questions or concerns.