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Filippelli Institute for e-Education and Online Learning

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

The mission of the Filippelli Institute for e-Education and Outreach in the College of the Liberal Arts is to support the faculty and teaching mission of the college by extending access to a liberal arts education to non-resident and resident students through online courses and programs offered through the World Campus, summer web courses, and a variety of field-based experiences and conferences.


Jaime Brown, Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics, describes Best Practices for Online Teaching​, including tips on how to engage and empathize with World Campus students, providing prompt, clear, and helpful responses to student questions, and more.

Working with Faculty

Our mission is achieved by partnering with faculty to design, develop, support, and manage a high-quality, robust online course portfolio that is disseminated through the World Campus. Many of the Institute staff work in the unit on a long-term basis adding to the commitment of developing lasting professional working relationships with faculty in the College of the Liberal Arts.